Implant-retained dentures offer patients a more stable and secure alternative to traditional dentures.

Designed to fulfil the same function as traditional dentures, implant-retained dentures can also be used to replace up to a whole arch of teeth, but instead of being held in place via suction or a dental adhesive, we place titanium screws in the jawbone to act as the new root for the prosthetic tooth or teeth.


  • Preserve and protect the jawbone.
  • Easier to eat and chew – especially chewy and crunchy foods.
  • Improve smile confidence.
  • Prevent changes to the facial structure.


Can I replace my current dentures with implant retained dentures?

Yes, we are able to offer implant-retained dentures as a replacement for more traditional removable dentures. They are a good option for patients who have trouble with loose or unstable dentures or who find living with traditional dentures difficult.

Are there any age restrictions for implant retained dentures?

There is no upper age limit when it comes to placing dental implants; however, we will have to ascertain the health of the jaw and general oral health and address any issues first before going on to place an implant. If needed, we can replace any bone loss with the placement of a synthetic biomaterial.

How long does the treatment take?

From start to finish, treatment for implant retained dentures usually takes 3-5 months. There are several visits to the practice involved, and there will be a short wait while your personal dentures are made, as well as after we place the implants. This is to ensure the area being treated is healed and to allow time for the implants and jawbone to fuse together successfully.

Can I use my current dentures?

This will depend on the state of your current dentures as well as some other factors – we’ll be able to determine this during a consultation, but some patients are able to continue using their current dentures.

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