For patients who are missing multiple teeth or who have up to a whole arch of failing teeth, we can perform a full arch implant reconstruction.

Living with multiple failing or missing teeth can be incredibly difficult and presents a whole host of oral health problems for the patient. Aside from feeling self-conscious about their smile, it can also be difficult for patients to eat and speak, and the prospect of replacement can be daunting. At Rothwell Dental Care and Implant Centre, we’re here to take the worry out of the process and will be able to guide you the whole way on your journey to a better, happier, healthier smile.

With a team of skilled implant clinicians on hand and state-of-the-art technology, your treatment journey will be streamlined and, most importantly, comfortable.

The treatment journey:

  1. We will first extract any failing teeth that need to be removed before placing your implants – usually 4-6. This will be done under anaesthetic, so you don’t feel a thing.
  2. We will place a temporary bridge while your treatment area fully heals and the implants and jawbone are left to successfully fuse together so that they can provide support for your personal prosthetic/bridge.
  3. Once the bone and implants have successfully fused and healed – usually around three months – we’ll place your personal prosthetic/bridge.
  4. You’ll come back into the practice annually or bi-annually for regular check-ups so we can ensure your gums and bones are completely healthy and maintain your long-term oral health.
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